Lotfy Mansour

The Group’s success story begins with Loutfy Mansour who founded the first Mansour company, Mansour & Sons Cotton trading Company, in the early fifties. The company expanded rapidly throughout the 50’s and 60’s to become the second largest cotton exporting entity in Egypt. On the back of this success a second company was established in Sudan.


It was during the late sixties, however, that Loutfy Mansour developed his vision to create a large industrial Group. The dream became a reality in 1973 following the 6th of October war. During this period Egypt transitioned to an open market economy, an opportunity Loutfy Mansour capitalised on. During this year he initiated negotiations with General Motors Corporation (GMC), which resulted in the creation in 1975 of Mansour Chevrolet, the sole GMC distributor in Egypt.


After Loutfy Mansour passed away, the business was taken over by his four sons who continued to grow the business in line with Loutfy’s original vision. In 1977, the Mansours established the first local dealership, Mantrac, for Caterpillar construction, power systems and material handling equipment. In 1985, the Group consolidated its commitment to the automotive industry by investing heavily in the first private sector vehicle factory in Egypt, operated by General Motors.


The Mansour Group later signed an official agreement with Philip Morris International (1992) as the sole licensee to manufacture and distribute PMI tobacco products in Egypt. And so was formed the Al-Mansour International Distribution Company. In 2014, Mansour entered into an agreement with Imperial Tobacco  for the distribution of Davidoff, Gauloises, and West.


This deal cemented the Group’s entry into the consumer goods market which diversified into the food business with international well-known brands . Mansour further consolidated its grip on the food market in 1994 when it became the national McDonald’s franchisee. At the same time, Mansour Group capitalized on the Egyptian privatization program to purchase the Seclam dairy products processing plant and entered into the highly lucrative bottled water market establishing the Hayat-Siwa Bottling plant which bottles pure drinking water which is commercialized under the brand name Hayat. The group also started its retailing business by establishing the biggest retail chain in Egypt – Metro Market, and a second retail chain – Kheir Zaman – providing discounted brands and its own brands in order to satisfy the needs of the lower level income consumers.

In addition, the group owns two cigarette manufacturing factories located in Nigeria and in Egypt’s free zone area in Alexandria.


In 1997, building on the success of the Mantrac division, the Group acquired the Caterpillar dealerships for six African countries from Unilever, forming a new company called Unatrac.


IBM, Microsoft, HP, 3COM and Compaq also joined forces with Mansour Group, choosing them as national distributors for their line of PC’s and accessories.


In cooperation with the El-Maghraby Group, another well-respected Egyptian family, the Mansour Group established the Mansour-Maghraby Investment and Development Company (MMID). MMID is particularly active in Egypt’s financial sector, owning equity in several investment banking and insurance firms. MMID also participates in Egypt’s tourism, real estate development and marketing sectors, as well as in industrial and information technology projects.


The Mansour Group is well-positioned to benefit from Egypt’s economic reform, and is committed to making the change to an open market a positive one. No major business concern can separate its history from that of its country. For Egypt and the Mansour Group, it is a history of renewal and growth.


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