Furthering Al Mansour Group’s reach within the consumer goods market, Al Mansour for Trading and Distribution Company, AMTDC, was inaugurated in 1993 as a distribution entity, providing Egyptian customers with quality brands.


Distinctively, AMTDC is known for its broad reach relative to all other companies in the region. We cover a universe made up of 21,000 retailers, 200 Supermarkets, and 1,500 Wholesalers. Our wide wholesale network increments those numbers with indirect coverage of more than 150,000 retailers nationwide.


In 1995, AMTDC we launched our SUNSHINE private label.

Sunshine first initiated our Canned Tuna brand – currently the leader of that market – and then rapidly expanded into several Canned Food variants: Mackerel, Sardine, Luncheon and Corned Beef.

With economic downturns in view, AMTDC promptly adapted to new market dynamics, we launched our second canned Tuna Private label – MARIO in 2009.

AMTDC also approached the Beverage market: 

  1. Al Mansour own Bottled Water “HAYAT
  2. The distribution of the Local instant coffee brand “BONJORNO“. Noteworthy that the AMTDC robust distribution had a substantial effect on BONJORNO’s wide availability and is ahead of international coffee providers in the growing sachet-format in Egypt.
  3. REB BULL Energy Drink Affiliation in 2008. Red bull is renowned world-wide as a pioneer within this category, and AMTDC introduced it to the Egyptian market.
  4. Pocari Sweat Distributorship in 2009. As with Red Bull, this was a challenge – as functional beverages were quite unheard of in Egypt. AMTDC decided to break this new ground hand-in hand with the Japanese health drink Brand.

On the other hand AMTDC had lately assumed its first affiliation in the NON-Food consumer goods market through the distribution of L’OREAL, the French well venerated organization, personal care products’ range.