Food production presents enormous investment opportunities to companies looking for diversification and expansion within Egypt. To Mansour Holdings, this was a convenient territory particularly after its successful entry into the supermarket business.

Dairy products specifically showed great potential for sustainable sales growth. Mansour Holdings has therefore acquired the 33,000 square-meter Seclam Dairy facility in Alexandria from the government. The plant is the first in the Middle East and remains one of Egypt’s largest to date, with a product portfolio encompassing exquisite traditional dairy goods.


Employing international experts and an experienced management team, Mansour Holdings is now upgrading the skills of the company’s existing 450 staff members, capitalizing on their considerable experience while providing them with the technical know-how and optimal working conditions to enable them to realize their full potential. A full-scale renovation of the existing facilities has taken place, and production standards have been upgraded to meet international hygiene and quality parameters.


During the first year alone, Seclam Factory installed two state-of-the-art production lines. This was followed by the launch of YES!; a juice brand in an innovative pack with a sports cap in a PET bottle. Three months later in June 2001, Seclam launched the Labanita brand of pasteurized milk packed in bottles.

Seclam took the initiative of re-launching pasteurized milk, which almost disappeared from the Egyptian market. This was followed by the Labanita range of Yogurt, Rayeb fermented milk, and drinkable yogurt, and variation of cheese products. Seclam also introduced Belhana Dairy brand in order to cater to the lower income segments, Belhana’s portfolio includes (Milk, Plain Yoghurt, Portioned Cheese, Cheddar, Edam and Roomy).

Both YES!, Labanita and Belhana became instant hits with Egyptian consumers in an unprecedented success story.


Mansour Holdings aims to make Seclam the primary provider of an entire range of top-quality food products at an affordable price structure, exceeding customer needs and aspirations.