Illiteracy in Beheira and Mansoura

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Illiteracy in Beheira and Mansoura


According to GALAE the illiteracy rate in Egypt is currently at 27.3 percent, which approximates to around 16.5 million people. Of that total, males account for 31 percent while females make up 69 percent. In addition, illiteracy is more prevalent in rural areas than in urban areas. Whereas it is true that Egypt has made historic progress in providing access, increasing enrollment, and closing the gender gap in basic education, the Government of Egypt still needs to improve the efficiency, quality, and relevance of the education that it delivers in order to be competitive in a global economy. Illiteracy rates, especially among girls and in particular in Upper Egypt, still remain high and need to be addressed and reduced.

Building on these awareness campaigns, the Mansour Group then decided to further its efforts – again in cooperation with the General Authority for Adults Education (GALAE).

Mansour Group and GALAE partnered in a project piloted in two governorates, namely Mansoura and Beheira; whereby the Group funded the transitional classes between Shahadet Mahw el Ommeya and the Thannaweya classes (i.e. the Egyptian preparatory classes). In addition to supporting these literacy classes, the Group provided scholarships to top students who wished to continue their education beyond literacy classes.

A total of 748 Students entered the program out of which 645 students succeeded from both governorates – an 86% success rate.



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June 8, 2012