Orphanages and the Physically Challenged

Orphanages and the Physically Challenged

This project was organized in cooperation with Mobinil, Orascom Telecom, and Cairo Sheraton. It started as an annual Iftar (traditional Ramadan breakfast) for 5,000 orphans throughout the holy month of Ramadan with the objective of integrating orphans into society. Next, steps were taken to raise funds for fixing orphanages in Cairo, and almost 2 million pounds were raised within one year. The project then began to strategically focus on disabled orphans and on specialized activities addressing disabilities – including supporting physiotherapy via arts and culture.

Mansour Group firmly believes that the concept of “inclusive development” not only applies equally to women and men, youth and senior citizens but also to people living with disabilities. By mobilizing their potential, one also strengthens a country’s developmental prospects. To support this firm belief in “inclusive development,” the project moved to support the establishment of an NGO called Ebtessama, which integrated arts and culture into the annual events. Through Ebtessama, the project is now capable of outreaching and supporting orphanages not just during Ramadan, but throughout the entire year.

The project also has plans to expand in order to provide training for the disabled so as to provide them with working opportunities in large companies in which they can be productive.

The project ended in 2010.



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June 8, 2012