The skoool™ program is an Intel® initiative that brings highly innovative, interactive and exciting learning resources via cutting edge technologies and devices. Currently, Intel® us is engaged in a comprehensive development program of interactive learning and supplementary material for Egypt.

The project was proposed to address the provision of technology enabled learning and teaching support to teachers and students in public and private schools in Egypt through a fully developed e-Learning environment.  The background to the project is a program to use e-Learning resources as a means to enhance education outcomes. The project focuses on the delivery of a digital curriculum to students, parents and teachers for skoool™ Egypt.  This represents a first phase of development.

skool™ Learning and Teaching Technology provides a critical component of the 1-1 Learning environment by providing high quality curriculum content and toolkits which support self-paced student learning at school and at home as well as whole class teaching or teacher facilitated self-paced learning. It includes a wide range of interactive educational resources that aims to complement students’ schoolwork and home study by showing them how to save time, improve their academic performance, reduce stress levels and achieve their goals.

The content can be used both in schools as a teacher guided learning exercise and at home as a free personal tutor for help with general understanding, homework and revision. Skoool™ Education technology has been successfully deployed in the 15 different countries world-wide, in 7 different languages and provides services to more than one billion students and teachers all over the world.

The primary target audience of skoool™ Egypt is Egyptian students including:

•             Primary:  Grades 6

•             Preparatory Grades 1, 2 and 3

•             The scope of the project is explicitly limited to targeting specific grades in its initial phase

•             The scope of the project will target all grads in all subjects for the following phases

•             Certain aspects of the site will target Teachers and Parents

ESI is foreseeing the following strategic objectives in introducing Skoool™ to the Egyptian educational community:

•             Enriching the educational process and enhancing its outcome.

•             Creating positive attitude among students and parents toward education.

•             Supporting human development in the area of education at the level of students and teachers.

•             Maximizing technology based practices among students and teachers.

•             Participating in developing generation better equipped and prepared to cope with global technology dynamics.

•             Skoool will set foundation and give proof for productive co-operation between authorities, education development organizations and technology companies for brining on practical and fruitful mechanisms for education improvement.

The expected number of the viewer from students, teachers, and parents are expected to be 5,000,000.



Posted on

August 2, 2012