The Injaz Program

Injaz started in 2003 as a project under the umbrella of Save the Children (SC) in Egypt. Injaz, which means ‘Achievement’ in Arabic, is licensed to use Junior Achievement international curricula designed to enhance youths’ qualifications to help them enter the job market as employees and entrepreneurs. The regular schooling system does not integrate economic and occupational education into the school curricula, and Injaz attempts to fill that gap. In other words, Injaz is an educational organization which works to bridge the gap between the educational system and the private sector.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education and multinational and national companies, Injaz has been established to create a new generation of empowered youth who will become the entrepreneurs of the future and the employees of choice for corporations, thus decreasing the otherwise growing ranks of the unemployed.

Each semester business leaders send staff into local schools and universities. For an hour a week and for a period of 10 weeks, these corporate volunteers share their professional lives with youth, giving them practical training on how to succeed in the working world.

Injaz Egypt works with students 12-21 years old in middle schools, high schools, and universities. In six semesters, students progress from learning how to manage their own budget, to learning how to follow stocks in the newspapers. They learn about competition and marketing and how the banking sector supports business and industry. Upon completing the series of Injaz courses, students graduate with confidence in their capabilities, with a vision to plan their career along with the skills needed to succeed in the private sector. They develop leadership, planning, and teamwork skills through community projects in addition to gaining skills in giving presentations, writing CVs and job hunting. They also acquire a network of professional volunteers that they can call on for help.

The program also gives those who have succeeded in the private sector a chance to give a helping hand to the next generation. This exciting experience to help inspire, lead, and become a role model for students brings them in close touch with youth in their own communities. As the idea catches on, it grows into a national movement led by top businessmen in partnership with the Ministry of Education.



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June 8, 2012