Al Mansour International Distribution Co. entered into a licensing agreement with Philip Morris in 1992, in response to a growing demand by Egyptian consumers for high quality packaged consumer goods, Up to 2014, AMIDC was one of the 12 Philip Morris licensees operating throughout Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In 2014 an exclusive distribution contract was formed with Imperial Tobacco Group for the distribution of Davidoff cigarettes, Golden Virginia tobacco and Rizla rolling paper.

Imperial Tobacco is one of the foremost tobacco companies worldwide with products sold across 160 countries and made in 46 manufacturing plants worldwide. Imperial Tobacco owns the globally renowned cigarette brand Davidoff, favored amongst exclusive segments of the Middle East, as well as various other brands such as Gauloises, West, and John Player Special (JPS).


Despite the enormous potential for market growth in Egypt, the initial lack of reliable market data impeded capitalizing on market resources. To address this problem, AMIDC formed Research and Field Planning divisions. These divisions conducted an in-depth survey of market and demographic trends in both Cairo and Alexandria.

In parallel, AMIDC also compiled street maps that were both accurate and detailed. These maps not only pinpointed sales outlets, but also allowed us to optimize delivery routes, effectively guaranteeing an efficient supply process. To date, these maps remain the best of their kind.

The keys to AMIDC’s success were meticulous planning and provision – we always have our minds set on surpassing market standards and continuing to grow.


Since 1992, an average annual unit growth rate of 10% has been achieved.

In the past two decades, AMIDC went from 40 employees to nearly 806. Today AMIDC’s cigarettes can be found in over 60,000 retail outlets nationally. This clearly confirms the company’s market share increase from 3.5% in 1991 to almost 24% in 2014.

In July 2014 Al Mansour International Distribution Co. and Phillip Morris ended their long-term partnership, and a new partnership was established with the Imperial Tobacco Group along with a five-year manufacturing contract with Eastern Company SAE Co., the largest cigarette manufacturing company in the Middle East, with an output that exceeds 85 billion cigarettes annually.

In 2016, AMIDC also launched its Molasses division and has acquired distribution rights for both Mazaya Molasses from Jordan, and Assal Molasses from France.

In 2017, AMIDC also launched two of its own brands of cigarettes under the brand names Time, produced in the Tobacco Free Zone factory in Amreya, and Target, created through a mutual cooperation agreement between AMIDC and the Eastern Tobacco Company.