Fresh Food Market (FFM) is part of the renowned and long established Al Mansour Holding Group. As a business entity, serving customers is at the heart of everything we do. We are a large organisation, touching millions of people’s lives every day. This scale gives us an opportunity to make a positive difference to some of the biggest challenges facing the country. As the founders of the highly acclaimed supermarket chains – Metro & Kheir Zaman, we significantly contributed to developing the concept of food retailing in Egypt, and now we are taking it to another level!

As experts in the food retail business, we saw a gap in the market for an up-scale gourmet supermarket, which sources premium ingredients and products from all over the world, and also has gourmet eateries on its site, along came the idea of Fresh Food Market ‘a gourmet retailer’.

For the first time in Egypt, we are offering our customers a premium shopping experience through our aisles, and a unique culinary in our eateries, all in one stop! This type of store is the first of its kind not only in Egypt but also the first in all the Middle East.

Despite the rapid growth of food retailers and eateries, we are committed to keep FFM as true to its entrepreneurial and customer-focused roots as possible.

FFM is the latest addition to Mansour Holding Group food retail business and legacy.

When designing the store, we asked the design company to stay away from the usual boring store layouts of aisles upon aisles where goods are stored. Specifically, we asked them to come up with a store which wakes up the 5 senses of “seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting”. This they did with great success.

The Eateries

Surrounded by this unmatched wealth of fresh and premium ingredients, naturally came the idea of gourmet eateries within FFM. Lead and run by the international Lebanese chef Monjed, prepare yourself for a unique culinary experience.

These eateries will feature;

  • Coffee Corner: We believe that there are few things in life more important than a good cup of coffee! We source the finest coffees in the world, which have been roasted, ground and brewed with the utmost skills of our Coffee Experts. We serve top-notch coffee made by carefully-trained baristas.
  • Sushi Corner: With the freshest Seafood counter in town, there is no better place to enjoy mouth-watering sushi & sashimi bursting with flavour in every bite. FFM brings a new vibrant fusion edge to the sushi lovers of Egypt. Go with an open mind and indulge in delectable hand rolls – like our signature Shrimp Konafa Roll and Salmon Quinoa Roll.
  • An Italian Corner: Where you can enjoy the simplicity & comfort of Italian food. Savour an array of authentic dishes and delicacies; from fresh antipasto, hearty sandwiches, creamy risotto, and succulent steak, to wafer thin crisp pizzas.
  • Salad in a jar: Drizzle! Shake! Enjoy!

Because healthy eating should not be boring!! We created our own salad masterpieces in a jar, paired with their matching freshly made dressings. You can have it to go, or relish it within the comfort of our premises.

  • The Bakery: Nothing beats the simple pleasure of good bread. We believe it’s something that everyone deserves to enjoy every single day! That’s why we make our artisan bread and pastries by hand to perfection, using the finest ingredients. We have a wide selection of bread, pastries and sumptuous desserts, featuring; Roast garlic & sundried tomatoes focaccia, Asparagus & Bacon Quiche, Beetroot & Honey Sourdough Bread, Oreo Donuts, and Mocha Éclairs.

A Gelateria: Tantalize your taste buds with the different notes of cocoas, coffee beans and luscious fruits, of our smooth and creamy Gelato. It is churned every day in typical Italian fashion under the watchful eyes of our chefs. The creation of each flavour starts with the most rigorous selection of natural ingredients from our aisles. Our decadent gelato is natural indulgence!