Hayat Company for Industrialization and Development


In 2000, the Mansour Group launched the Hayat Company for Industrialization and Development. Hayat was a new addition to our ranks and was a company not only dedicated to delivering high-quality water to our customers but also doing so while safeguarding the environment.

To this end, we located one of the deepest springs in the region and chose it as our source for natural high-quality water. This water reservoir, whose water comes from a depth of over 1000 meters, provides a source of water that is not only perfectly balanced in saline content but has also been naturally preserved from both pollution and contamination.


Located only 35 km away from the beautiful Siwa Oasis in Abou Shrouf, the Hayat factory utilizes the latest production-line technologies and is maintained and serviced by over 110 dedicated staff members.

With a focus on sheer quality, Hayat is committed to providing nothing less than pure natural water. Backed by scientific meticulousness and stringent Quality Assurance Systems, Hayat applies innovative strategies in order to satisfy the qualitative demands of its customers.

With ‘quality’ being the key word, stringent quality control measures are maintained whilst innovative strategies are applied to provide new products that will satisfy the changing needs of customers.

So far, Hayat has been awarded the ISO 9001, 22000, and 18001 certificates. In addition to applying the HACCP requirements, Hayat continues to strive for the best quality to guarantee its customers the purest water.


The best indicator of Hayat’s success is the sheer volume of sales. The Hayat brand was also the first to anticipate customer needs by providing half-litre sport-capped bottles to the Egyptian market.

Hayat was also proud to be the official water provider for the MTN Africa Cup of Nations in 2006, and was used by all teams throughout the tournament.

Al Mansour Holding aims to make Hayat a market leader in the natural drinking water market and the best distributed bottled water brand all across Egypt.


Hayat Bottled Water
Hayat Bottled Water – 0.6 L
Hayat Bottled Water – 1.5 L
Hayat Bottled Water – Fashion 0.6 L
Hayat Bottled Water “Family Bottles” – 6 L
Hayat Bottled Water “Family bottles” – 19 L