Literacy Campaign

The future for Egypt’s progress lies in having a qualified, skilled, and healthy labor force. Education is one of the key investments that have long-term benefits to the society at large. It is an area where the return on investment can be guaranteed. The value of education and its impact in improving livelihoods needs to be disseminated and promoted. Education is a  continuous process starting with early education up to higher levels of education.

However, those adults that have missed the opportunity for schooling still deserve the right to an adult education in order for them to develop their capabilities and skills and find suitable job opportunities in the market place. The idea for this project stemmed from the conviction that the Mansour Group believes that creating awareness about education is part of being responsible corporate citizens. As a result, the Group approached the General Authority for Adults Education (GALAE) as their government counterpart and together, they produced 3 television spots about the importance of education with special focus on female education in rural Egypt.

In an effort to formalize this partnership, Mansour Group and the GALAE signed a protocol agreement in 2005; whereby the Group agreed to sponsor the costs of airing the three TV spots produced for a period of two years to ensure that an effective and rigorous campaign raising awareness about the importance of education is disseminated regularly and widely.

The TV spots were broadcast mainly on local TV channels and several free-to-air satellite channels. The duration of each spot was 30 seconds. This TV campaign was also complimented by a press campaign to increase the level of citizens’ awareness and magnify the impact on viewers.

GALEA has followed up on this campaign by going to less-privileged areas with high illiteracy rates to raise awareness of the importance of education and familiarize residents with literacy classes offered in their respective areas.



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June 8, 2012